Learn to strengthen your mindset.

This 6-week, online course teaches you how to habitually strengthen your mindset through small, consistent efforts—so you can feel confident as a person FIRST and an athlete second. To me, being mentally strong means having a strong sense of self and being able to adapt to stressful situations, not about being perfect or always pushing through. 

Why the Athlete Mindset Course?

There are a million confidence coaches and sports psychologists out there, but what makes me different? I read energy.

As an energy reader, I see feelings or emotions that athletes can't even say out loud to themselves, let alone a coach or a sports psychologist. I can see specifically where an athlete’s training is breaking down—whether it's on the ice or at home. It’s with this information that I’ve been able to create a program that has never been done before. 80% of what athletes struggle with has nothing to do with the sport itself, but peer pressure, school work or self-esteem. This program is about empowering you as a person first and an athlete second. When you feel good about yourself, it shows EVERYWHERE else in your life. It's so incredibly important to know your worth as a person as you are now. Creating confidence isn’t hard, it just takes consistent, small high-impact actions to create good habits. With my highly-specialized visual tools, breathwork and meditations, learn to project confidence under stressful circumstances.

Topics covered in Athlete Mindset Level 1:

  • Clearing Your Head

    Quiet your mind amongst the chaos.

  • Controlling Anxieties

    Keep your cool when you lose control.

  • Goal Progression

    Create goals for progress instead of perfection.

  • Reset Your Outlook

    Keep out the negative and stay positive.

  • Self Image

    Change the way you talk to yourself.

  • Finding your power

    Your difference is your power.

  • Embracing Failure to Succeed

    It takes a lot of little failures to win big.

Ready to get started?

Classes start September 30th - Join Today!

What’s included:

This 6-week program is entirely online, giving you the flexibility to take it from anywhere. Class will start September 30th at 5:30 pm PST/8:30 EST. Each week there will be:

  • A live, online zoom class

  • Tasks to help build confidence

  • Specialized guided meditations

  • Discussions in the community group

  • The recorded live class to watch all week

  • A 10-minute individual Zoom call with me

It's time to get out of your head and conquer the stress of being an athlete.

Join Today! Classes start September 30th 1st 2020

Christi Powell

Mindset + Energy Coach

Oh, hey, I’m Christi. Growing up as a competitive figure skater from Wichita, KS, I understand the pressures that can hold athletes back from excelling—whether that's from a lack of confidence, body issues or mental blocks . As an energy reader, I’ve spent 7 years training and perfecting my highly-specialized visualizations—working with clients all over the world in a multitude of industries. My passion is to help others empower themselves by overcoming mental blocks and building confidence through healthy habits in a way no one has ever done before. I currently reside in Savannah, Ga and have previously lived and worked in Chicago, NYC and Boston.

Level 2: Competition Course

After the level 1 course is complete, there is an option to do another 6 weeks with my Level 2 course.

Letting Go of Failure    

Take your power back from your biggest failures.      


Power Over Perfection     

Chase excellence, not perfection.

Competition Nutrition*

Fuel your body for powerful performances.

 *Taught by a certified nutritionist Britt Pascale


Overcoming Fraud Complex

Find your power in being you.


Performing Under Pressure

Excel under the toughest atmospheres.


Find Your Magic

Connect to the crowd in performances.